Wes Edens Has Proved to be an Innovation Force at Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is one of the leaders who have been in the industry for a longer period. He is an experienced financial analyst who has been able to come up with some important policies and strategies that have played a key role in the progress of Fortress Investment Group. A significant number of organizations have been yearning to have such a leader so that they can be able to move from one level to another. Here are some of the roles that Edens has implemented in the company.

  • Asset-based Investing

Asset-based investing is an investment strategy that is adopted by a significant number of companies, especially those working in the financial industry. Fortress Investment Group has been investing in major assets around the country and even in other parts of the world. Recent research studies highlight that Wes Edens has played a critical role in helping the company to invest in some of the asset. This advice has helped Fortress to acquire a significant number of assets, which cannot be matched by other financial organizations.


  • Operations Management

Operational management is a management skill that is used by a large number of organizations in ensuring that the company runs smoothly. Most of the companies operating in the financial industry fail because they do not have the necessary skills to help in the operations of the company. Wes Edens has been involved in the operational management of the Fortress Investment Group to the point where the company grew to become of the leading organizations in the industry.

  • Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading organizations in the industry when it comes to mergers and acquisition. The company has acquired a significant number of entities while at the same time being involved in acquisitions. Recently, the company was involved in one of the largest acquisition in the industry where it was acquired by Softbank.

  • Capital Markets

Wes Edens has also been involved in ensuring that Fortress Investment Group is highly involved in the capital markets. The company has been selling its shares in the stock market until it was ac quired by the new owner. It has other large number of stocks from multiple companies.

learn more about Wes Edens : http://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/tags/wes-edens

Stream Energy Launches Charity Foundation to Formalize their Philanthropic Efforts

Stream Energy is an energy company that directly sells to customers. Pierre Koshakji and Rob Snyder founded Stream Energy in 2005 in Dallas, Texas. Since then, Stream Energy has become one of the largest energy companies involved in direct selling worldwide. Koshakji and Snyder founded Stream Energy on the idea of selling energy through word-of-mouth. They are able to do this now through their thousands of Independent Associates located across the United States. The company currently offers services in Texas, Washington D.C., Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, Ohio and Georgia. They also offer wireless plans for phones, home services and health services.

Recently, Stream Energy was featured on Patch.com for their philanthropic efforts. In March 2018, Stream Energy launched their own charity foundation called “Stream Cares.” This is following their long history of involvement in their community and philanthropic efforts. The company has established relationships with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. They are also involved in helping the homeless in the Dallas area. The company regularly tracks the homelessness rate in Dallas. They partnered with Hope Supply Co. a Dallas-based organization to cover entrance fees and meal costs for over 1000 children in Texas at the annual Splash for Hope event which is an event for homeless children at a local water park. Also, in 2016 after a devastating Tornado, Stream worked with the Salvation Army and raised money for those who lost their homes or businesses. They did this by matching their employees’ sales and doubling those numbers to donate to victims. Stream also partnered with Operation Once in a Lifetime to provide emotional and financial support to veterans in the Dallas area. They donated transportation to veterans so that they could attend a special lunch for them. Philanthropy and charity has long been a part of Stream’s culture and their new foundation simply formalizes their efforts.


A Closer Look at Rocketship Education Model

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school network that began in San Jose, California its purpose is to close the achievement gap. The school serves immigrant children of low social economic backgrounds. The elementary school have grades Kindergarten to fifth grade. The Rocketship Education model was successful in helping student reach academic success that it opened up five more schools in San Jose and in other states like Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nashville, Tennessee, and in Washington D.C. Despite its success, in a recent blog The National Public Radio (NPR) criticized the school in different areas.

The school was critiqued for classroom management, particularly that Rocketship Education follows a strict regime in keeping students focused at all times and that includes harsh rules on bathroom breaks. Preston Smith CEO responded, “Rocketship does not have network policies on bathroom breaks”. Students are allowed to use the restroom when they need it.

The school was questioned about the students sitting in front of computer using the same program for 80 minutes. Smith defended the computer time by saying that the students have different programs to choose from like Lexia, myOn, ST Math and Dreambox. He mentioned that some students are place in small group instruction to enhance their learning while some use the computer. He stated that use of computers gives teacher feedback on students’ progress.

NPR also found an issue with hiring qualified staff, mainly the person in charge of the computer lab where the ratio is one non certified adult to 80 students. The number of students is always higher than the number of teachers. Tutoring programs across the country hire non certified teachers. Smith also mentioned that Rocketships school are excellent schools and that is why his two kids attend Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep. He said to not be discouraged by the blogs negative comments on charter schools.

Classdojo Partners With Ad Astra to Develop Yet another Learning Tool

Classdojo Partners With Ad Astra to Develop Yet another Learning Tool

In the year 2011, two innovators by the names, Sam Chaudhry and Liam Don developed an app called ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a communication platform that was created with the intention of enhancing the communication between parents, teachers, and students. As sad as it is, as the years go by, parents have become lesser involved in their students’ academic affairs than normal. However, you cannot take their attention off the screens of their gadgets whether it is for work purposes or not. With this in mind, Sam and Liam came up with a way to exploit the overuse of computer and mobile devices and use it to enhance communication between parents, teachers and their students.

When the app was officially launched 7 years ago, its reception was overwhelming. Within no time, more than thirty-five million teachers and students from more than thirty different nationalities were using the app. This motivated the founders to make sure they make it available in a variety of languages in order to attract more users who are not from English speaking nations. This was done two years into the launch. A couple of other modifications have been made to make the app more efficient for instance; the introduction of the messaging feature and the digital content streaming feature that is called Class Story. Initially, the app was designed to allow the transfer of digital images and videos.

ClassDojo form a partnership with AD Astra

Ad Astra is a private school situated in Los Angeles. The school was founded by Elon Musk. Elon Musk has made it his agenda to make sure the school stands out from other schools. The school recently partnered with ClassDojo, which has become a brand for educational software developers to come up with a new learning tool that they named the Conundrum. The conundrum is a set of puzzles that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills to find solutions to. The conundrums work in a way that they pose open-ended ethical questions that require critical thinking. The students, under the guidance of their teachers, are asked to collaborate with each other in order to determine the solutions.

How Matt Badiali developed Freedom Checks system

Matt Badiali introduced the idea of Freedom Checks. The idea came after thorough research and reading of the laws governing the business sector in the country that he realized that there was a very important statute that was not known to many investors. He noted that there are tax exemptions for companies that are involved in the exploration of natural resources found in the country. These companies are however required by law to collect 90 percent of their revenue from the local operations and pay out huge dividends to the investors. After realizing the opportunity that was available in the industry, Matt Badiali was quick to share the Freedom Checks idea with other people.

Although the idea was received with great skepticism, some investors understood what Matt Badiali was trying to introduce. There are the people who managed to make some good money from this sector very early. By July, when the checks were released, some people had multiplied their investments. Many people kept out of the industry because they felt that Matt Badiali was unfamiliar to them and there is no way they were going to take a word from a stranger. Since then, he has managed to prove to them that nothing is impossible and what he was telling them was true.

Matt Badiali is a qualified financial expert. He is also a geologist. He holds a masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University and a bachelors in Earth Science from Penn State University. He has been to many countries around the world where he has been given an opportunity to study how the mining sector in these countries operate. When there is a shift in production of a certain resource, Matt Badiali can tell the difference it will create in the market. He spotted the idea of the Freedom Checks after he scrutinized the market thoroughly and noticed that there are companies that will be rewarding investors handsomely due to the effects of the services they offer.

The Trump Bonus Checks is another idea that is close to what we have with Freedom Checks. Mike Burnick introduced it.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreedomChecks411/

Guilherme Paulus- Success in business operations

When it comes to issues of tourism in Brazil, there is no one better suited to do that work than Guilherme Paulus. He is the most successful businessman in the history of the tourism sector in the country. He has done very well in promoting the activities of the company he has formed, currently. He owns the biggest company in the country that offers tourism services. CVC Tour Company is currently the biggest tour company in the whole of Latin America. Through this company, he has given hope to the tourism sector in Brazil. Thousands of tourists are coming into the country because of the marketing done by CVC.

Guilherme Paulus has done a great job of building this company. He started it in 1972 without nothing. The capital to create was provided by a partner who later left the company for other businesses. After he was left alone, he had to find ways of maintaining business operations in the country. He did not give up on the dream he had, he went ahead and created the biggest tour company in the country. He has been promoting the operations of the company all over the world and in the process winning the hearts of very many people.

Guilherme Paulus is one person who has taken the mantle of leading a country’s tourism business. CVC is a clear manifestation of what one can achieve with the right commitment, he built this company without any connections in the government, despite the country being one of the worst in terms of running a business, Guilherme Paulus has defeated all the challenges. He is now running a multi-billion doll are business. Apart from the work he is doing at CVC, he also has another company that is offering accommodation services to the tourists all over the country.

Guilherme Paulus has managed to show the country that he has what it takes to offer the best services in the world. He is investing in the industry with the vision of helping the country and not for his own personal gains. He is currently worth over $1 billion.

Shervin Pishevar argues that 200-day moving averages may lose credibility amid rising interest

Shervin Pishevar is not exactly a household name. But the companies that the prolific venture capitalist and entrepreneur have founded and helped to grow certainly are. Shervin Pishevar has been behind the creation of some of the most important companies in the world of tech. These include such well-known firms as Virgin Hyperloop, Airbnb and Uber. Shervin Pishevar has personally founded companies ranging from WebOS to Social Gaming Network.

Although he has little free time, he somehow is able to maintain one of the most-followed Twitter accounts of anyone in the world of tech. Shervin Pishevar often holds forth on a wide range of topics, mostly centering on the economy and the role and future of technology in the United States.

In a recent 21-hour tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar described some of the effects that he believes rising interest rates will have on the equity and other markets.

Rising interest rates will mark a new era

One of the things that Pishevar has hit on is the fact that he believes that rising interest rates will usher in a fundamentally new era in all asset classes. He says that this may ultimately be a good thing, provided that the Federal Reserve is willing to completely butt out of the market and not take a heavy-handed approach to open market operations. But Pishevar warns that the short-term results of this reset will likely be painful for many investors. Although, such conditions are likely to result in many rich buying opportunities.

One of the problems that Pishevar sees is that continual interest rate hikes after such a prolonged period of virtually free money is going to send markets into a highly volatile period. He says that there is likely to be a serious correction and that some of the metrics that professionals use to judge the health of markets are likely to depart sharply from their historic norms. The 200-day moving average is just one of the measures that Pishevar says could end up seeing serious departures from its normal ranges as the market readjusts to the shock of dealing with more historically normal interest rates.


Fortress Investment Group – Customer-Centric Investment Company Growing Exponentially

Fortress Investment Group is a name that is well known for their unique investment strategies that have helped their clients grow. The company is in the business of raising, investing and managing assets for their clients from varied industries, including real estate, private equity, the range of credit, capital investments and many more. The company has many private investors as their clients, but that it is not all. The company also works with many institution clients as well who depend on them for their financial expertise. The company has its main office in New York but has clients from different parts of the world. To make it easier to serve them, the company also has offices in major cities in different countries.

Fortress Investment Group also helps its institution clients by supporting them for organizing global events. Recently, they were responsible for arranging the 2010 Winter Olympics Games held in Vancouver in Canada. The company was responsible for building the entire Athlete’s Village in the downtown of Vancouver. They were also in control of the main skiing area for the Olympic Games known as the Whistler Blackcomb. The entire event was a $1 billion project and Fortress Investment Group played an important part in it by being a major creditor. The company also opens the doors to their British Columbia Ski Resort that they owned for the Winter Olympics Alpine events. The main reason why the company has been able to be successful is because of their competencies and their expertise that they have achieved by existing in the country for so long. The head of the company hires only the best and the most experienced employees to work for them allowing them to offer the best services to their clients. All of their employees are well taken care of allowing them to give their best to the company. The company currently has more than 1,000 employees working in different offices located in different countries. To know more about the company click here.

Fortress Investment Group also has a good presence online that allows them to answer any questions that their present and potential clients might have about their services. The company uses their social media pages, not just to market their investment products and services but also to interact with their clients and to know what their expectations are regarding their services. The clients who work with the company know how difficult it is to find a reliable investment company and considers themselves lucky to be working with Fortress Investment Group.

Visit their website: https://www.fortress.com/

Nick Vertucci Discusses The Exciting Trend of Entrepreneurship

Nick Vertucci is excited about this time. One major reason that he is excited about this time is that there are tons of new entrepreneurs coming forward. There are many reasons that he is excited about the return of the entrepreneur. One thing that he has noted is that a lot of people have settled into a herd mentality. However, more people are learning that there is something more than being part of the herd. There are tons of possibilities out there for people that are eager to look. Nick Vertucci has seen this for himself, and he likes that more people are taking the risk.

One of the issues with today’s society is that so many people want to play it safe. They are so attached to this idea of playing everything safe that they sometimes seek out someone who is trying something different with the sole purpose of stopping that person. While these types of people do have a lot of respect and admiration for the successful entrepreneur, they seem to feel it is their duty to prevent an aspiring entrepreneur from joining the ranks. Among the tactics that are used are bullying, intimidation, and manipulation.

One thing Nick Vertucci has to say is that the country he lives in is still the greatest country when it comes to opportunity. However, one thing that made the country so great is that so many people had a passion. They took it upon themselves to start their own business or develop their own income stream. One of the ways they did it is by taking tons of risks. These days, it is all about being safe and following the herd. Nick Vertucci is very excited to see people breaking free of that mentality. He is able to make a life for himself and encourage others to break free of the herd.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://www.facebook.com/nvrealestateacademy/

Marc Beer has raised $42 Million for Womens Health Startup

Renovia Inc., co-founded by Marc Beer, closed a $32 million Series B round on Tuesday as well as $10 million in venture debt. This will see the company move forward with new innovative products for pelvic floor disorders.



Research has shown that pelvic floor disorders affects over 250 million women across the world. Renovia, Boston-based Medtech Company, has endeavored to develop various diagnostic as well as therapeutic products to treat pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence.



The Longwood Fund invested early in Renovia joined the Series B round. The Series B round was overseen by Perceptive Advisors which is based in New York as well as Ascension Ventures which is based in Missouri. The funding will be used to develop various products including a new generation of the Leva device.



In a statement, Marc Beer, said that they were thrilled to be supported by the group of leaders in healthcare investment who share their vision to give better diagnosis and treatment to millions of women affected by the disorder. He continued to say that the combination of their innovative and proprietary sensor technologies data, form factors and a digital health program will go a long way into giving their customers valuable data to bring forward new treatment options, build on the body of knowledge and promote the understanding of pelvic floor disorders. Consequently, the healthcare costs will be reduced tremendously over a period of time.



Marc Beer has been in the company for the last five years and under his tenure, Renovia has achieved a lot. Moreover, he worked in OvaScience (Nasdaq:OVAS) as a strategic consultant. Recently, the Waltham biotech merged with Millendo Therapeutics, a company based in Michigan.



About Marc Beer



Marc Beer is a renowned executive with over 25 years of experience in development as well as commercialization in the biotechnology, device, pharmaceutical as well as diagnostic industries. Alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, Marc founded Renovia in 2016. Additionally, he successfully closed a Series A funding with leading healthcare venture capital funds.



In 2000, Marc Beer founded ViaCell (NASDAQ:VIAC), a company that specialized in the collection, development as well as preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells. For the seven years he worked at the company, the company grew rapidly to become a robust commercial company. Under Marc Beer’s leadership, the company grew to have over 300 employees. In 2005, it went public and ultimately, it was acquired by PerkinElmer(NYSE:PKI). While he served as ViaCell’s CEO, he sat on the board of directors of Erytech Pharma. Prior to founding ViaCell, Marc held various executive positions in Genzyme. Generally, the BS holder from Miami University (Ohio) has held many other executive positions in different companies and organizations. Learn more : https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer