Securus Technologies Grows Even Larger

Electronic payment processor, GovPayNet, has announced that the company has been acquired by inmate technology giant Securus Technologies of Dallas, Texas. The move was announced in early January of 2018 and comes just days after Robert “Bob” Pickens took control as CEO and President of Securus. This acquisition, along with the July 2015 deal to acquire JPay, gives Securus the ability to process over 40 million debit and credit transactions annually. GovPayNet, based in Indianapolis, brings over 20 years of experience in the processing of a multitude of government payments and arguably makes Securus the largest payment processor of its kind in the United States. CEO of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie, will continue to head the company after the purchase.


The leader in inmate technology, Securus Technologies, was founded by a former county Sheriff back in 1986. The holding company wholly owns over 20 companies that provide a host of technology-based products to over 3,500 corrections facilities and law enforcement agencies in North America. The company operates four regional offices in both Texas and Georgia, including a U.S. based calling center for it inmate telecommunications service and employees over 1,300 people. In 2017, the company became accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Dallas and maintains an A+ rating.


Bruno Fagali In The Rising Field Of Law

The Fagali Advocacy has earned its place among one of the growing law firms in Brazil. Based in the city of Sao Paulo the law firm was started up in 2016 by new lawyer Bruno Fagali. He has proven to be an alert lawyer with ample amount of practice he amassed while he was taking his legal education.

Bruno Fagali has amassed specializations in State Law, Compliance, as well as Public Law. He contributed to the field through his written work and published articles on all thing law in Brazil and fro other countries as well. Bruno Fagali likes to discuss and provide insight on new regulations in a comprehensive way an answer questions the public might have. He writes mostly about his fields of expertise.

In 2009, graduating from the Pontifical Catholic University, Bruno Fagali achieved his bachelor’s in Law, and then he also obtained a specialization in Administrative Law from the same institution. After that, he got his master’s degree in State Law. Bruno Fagali started working at a law firm called New/ sb, and for about a year he was their Corporate Integrity Manager. In July 2016 he moved on from the company to start a business of his own.

Follo Bruno Fagali on LinkedIn

The Fagali Advocacy prides itself on providing its clients with quality services and a personalized touch. The law firm is also working towards spreading the news about new regulations in the country and those from abroad. The Fagali Advocacy has less than a hundred layers but is one of the fastest growing law firms in the country in terms of clients and reputation.

One of the latest news that has been discussed on the website of the Fagali Advocacy was the law introduced in France about the advertisement. The law says that ads need to state plainly that the appearance of the models had been digitally enhanced. Many have been advocating for more transparency in the beauty and ad industries including people working in them.

There have many countries that enforced such a law including Brazil. It has to do with compliance, and so it will become one of the services at the firm.


Sahm Adranji Is A Highly Successful Business Owner

Sahm Adranji founded a large investment firm called Kerrisdale Capital in 2009, and he was in his 20s at the time that he founded it. Sahm Adrangi is currently 32 years old. The company was started with an investment of around a million dollars, and growth occurred quickly. The company now manages over a hundred million dollars.

What Stocks Do Clients Buy Through Kerrisdale Capital?

While clients are able to choose from many types of stocks, not all of their clients exclusively invest in stocks. Some clients at Sahm Adrangi’s company invest in bonds and alternative investments. Some of Kerrisdale Capital’s clients invest in small companies. However, Kerrisdale Capital has made an exceptionally large number of investments in these industries:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Financial institutions
  • High tech manufacturers

What Has Sahm Adrangi Published?

Sahm Adrangi has published many articles. His articles discuss a variety of subjects that are important for investors. He also has made it extremely easy for investors to access these articles. In fact, he makes his publications available for free.

His Efforts To Keep The Public Safe:

He has worked hard to keep the public safe from companies that used unethical business practices. Sahm Adrangi issued warnings about online companies from China that engaged in illegal activities. These companies were quickly sanctioned by the SEC, and they have ceased the illegal activity. In addition, his company is looking into the potentially illegal business practices of companies in the mining industry,

Getting In Touch With The Company:

Sahm Adrangi makes it easy to get in touch with his company. If you call or email Kerrisdale Capital, they will get back to you fast if a representative isn’t there to answer you. Their phone number is 212.792.7999 and the email address is Via twitter

Dick DeVos: A Man Fighting for the Future of a City, State, and Country

There are traces of Dick DeVos all over the state of Michigan, more so in his beloved Grand Rapids city. Dick and his entire family have donated millions to all sorts of causes meant to help the state and cities. Sure, there may be a lot of people who disagree with Dick’s fundamental beliefs and his political persuasion, but not one person can say that he is not passionate about the well-being of Michigan.


The people of the United States did not know much about this family nor this name until President Trump decided to make Betsy DeVos, Dick’s wife, the Secretary of Education. This move was controversial for a number of reasons. For one, Betsy had no experience in public education. Furthermore, Dick’s wife also seems to be against public education and favors private and religious education instead. A person who does not seem to support public education has now been put in charge of it, which has made several people in the country nervous.


There is no doubt that having a DeVos in charge of education will likely create some change. The combination between Betsy and Dick has been quite powerful in their home state. The two have managed to make charter schools the main source of education in Michigan, and many who love the idea of school choice continue to celebrate that success. Those who worry that the DeVos’ family is attempting to hurt the country should look to their past to see that their intentions are benign, at least in their perspective.


For example, back in 1991, Dick fought tooth and nails against the building of a sports arena in Grand Rapids. Dick lobbied against the arena as he remembers how a similar arena hurt the city of Detroit. This man wanted to bring culture and education to the city with things like a performance hall and a medical school. Some of these goals were achieved, and it made Grand Rapids the official ‘cool city’ in Michigan. It is perhaps one of the most visited cities in the state, and it continues to attract an interesting crowd of people.


One thing that can be said about Dick and Betsy is that they do not let defeat bring them down. Dick lost a state governor run back in 2006, and it was a devastating lost that cost him a lot of money. Still, it is clear that Dick is not scared of losing money as long as he is given the opportunity to create change. No one would say that all his ideas have panned out as he hoped, but he definitely aspires for improvement at all costs. Learn more:

Kate Hudson’s Involvement in Fabletics

Founded in 2013 Fabletics is an athleisure brand that’s aimed at inclusivity and empowerment. It was founded by Don Ressler and Aden Goldenberg. In the beginning, these two saw a need in the market for an athleisure brand that would beat the rest of the market regarding style, price, and quality. This name needed a face to go with, and they couldn’t think of anyone else apart from Kate Hudson. Kate was the best because she never carried herself too seriously, is approachable and leads a very active lifestyle.

She has since then been very involved in all aspects of the business be it budget reviews, strategizing on social media and continues to work closely with the design team and the rest of the team to ensure that styles stay fresh. She looks at the sales each week and knows precisely which designs are selling and the ones who aren’t. Many celebrities and the company president have also gone further and endorsed Kate for the brand. Greg Thorgmartin can be quoted saying that Kate does not do anything that she doesn’t believe in.

Despite having faced a lot of challenges at the beginning like having to trash a whole first production due to poor quality, Fabletics have risen on their feet and are now doing better than any other athleisure producers. They have been recording a growth in numbers for the past 18 months. Many factors have contributed to this among them good communication through an upgraded customer service and implementation of a new data entry system to ensure proper inventory levels. Since then they have recorded a huge growth in number both sale and customers with a projection of 250 million dollars in sales and 1.2 million paying customers as at June 2017.

Fabletics partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group has also aided immensely in its growth. TechStyles Fashion Group also happens to be its mother company, and due to this, they are more advantaged with resources, funding, expertise, and personnel. Its success has also been contributed to by their data approach to business. Customers views in all social media platforms are put into much consideration, and this much helps them in knowing the number of customers interested in a specific product, and this enables them to serve their customers well by matching one’s description with the outcome of choice. Their data system also allows them to do so within a short period thus meeting the deadline.

According to the Huffington, today’s’ buying is profoundly influenced by the power of the crowd. Customers put a lot of consideration on what the public has to say about a particular product and more so a famous person. It is due to this factor that Fable has been partnering with celebrities like Demi Lovato and the like to ooze more customers.

Kate Hudson when asked about her take in all these she says that she wouldn’t quit acting for that is where her heart is, but she is also delighted to be a part of the great business and her extensive involvement in business.

Dr. David Samadi’s Contribution To Urology And Cancer Treatment

Dr. David Samadi’s Contribution To Urology And Cancer Treatment

As a doctor who has risen above all odds to became one of the most respected radiologists and cancer specialist, Dr. Samadi will start hosting a live show namely Sunday Housecall. The show will address a wide range of medical issues. As the host, Samadi will be inviting guests to his show. The quests will discuss mental and physical health issues. The show will also address nutritional problems as well as exercise routines for all people.

Samadi will focus on issues affecting men and women. Some of these issues will be addresses separate on a different day. The doctor will be receiving calls on live TV and answering questions from viewers. If available, the questions will be answered by other health specialist working with Samadi.

Dr. David will be working with highly skilled medical professionals from all disciplines of the medical field. He will be addressing matters regarding sexual health and give you tips that will help you prevent the occurrence of certain diseases. Medical professionals who have published books are highly welcome to work with Samadi in creating awareness to the general public through his Sunday Housecall show. Medical personnel who have published books about wellness are highly welcomed.

Like Dr. David Samadi on Facebook

Dr. Samadi is a public figure who has been an excellent reputation due to his work which appears on Fox news health segment. He recently announced that he will provide a free consultation to men who have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Samadi was born in Iran in 1964 but fled the country together with his brother in 1979 due to the devastation caused by the Iranian revolution. He attended high schools in Belgium, London and in the USA. He got a full college scholarship due to his continued efforts to succeed despite his childhood experience in Iran. He got a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Stony Brook University. He later attended Stony Brook University School of medicine to study medicine. He graduated from medical school in 1994.

After graduating, Samadi served at Montefiore Medical Centre. In 1996 he joined Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he focused on Proctology. He did his Oncology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering. He later joined a robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship in France.

Dr. Samadi is recognized as one of the best urologists in the USA. He has performed over 7000 successful surgeries. He specializes in treating Kidney, Prostate, and bladder cancers. He works as a Urology professor at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ school of medicine. Dr. Samadi works with New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital where he heads the robotic surgery department since 2012.

Find more about Dr. David Samadi:

Scott Rocklage Reforms in the Healthcare Sector

Scott Rocklage joined the California-based venturecapital firm 5AM Ventures in 2003, and by 2004, he became its Managing Partner. The company, which was started in 2002 by John Diekman and Andrew Scwab, offers early stage investment opportunities to its clients. Rocklage said that the company is called 5AM Ventures because of the fact that 5:00 am represents an early time of the day, and since his firm specializes in early stage investments, he felt that the two things were appropriately related.


Before he joined the 5AM Ventures team, he served as CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals from 1994 to 2003. He has spent more than 30 years in the healthcare management business, and has had a number of peer-reviewed research papers published. He has also been credited with being the inventor of over 30 patents in the U.S. And he is a board member at Whitehead Institute, which is a non-profit organization that’s involved with biomedical research.


Dr. Rocklage graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, receiving a BS degree in Chemistry. Then, he received his PhD in Chemistry from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT. Some of the studies in his chosen field were done under the Nobel Prize winner, Professor Richard R. Schrock.


Over the years, Rocklage has been employed with several healthcare companies, where he was either CEO, Chairman or President. This is what helped gain him the experience to be in a managing position at his current company. At 5AM Ventures, he works with entrepreneurs that include, physicians, scientists and business executives. He assists them with turning their ideas into medical treatments that can meet patients needs.


He credits his good organizational skills and his ability to manage time well as being what makes him successful and effective in his line of work. He says that he’s always pushed himself to keep learning and growing.


When the doctor is not hard at work attending meetings and managing 5AM Ventures, he spends his time with his wife, Patty, in their home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The couple has three adult children. Learn more:

Securus Technologies Keeping Prisoners and Officers Safe

My job as head of security inside our state prison is a very challenging one. There is not a day that goes by that I do not have to deal up close with some of the most violent criminals in the country, many who would think nothing of putting me down. Many of these violent offenders are serving life sentences, so hurting or killing an officer would not add any time to their sentence, more the reason we have to be especially careful every second we are on the job.


In order to try to stay as safe as possible, me and all the officers in the jail will go to extreme lengths to keep any drugs out of the facility. Inmates under the influence are especially problematic because now it takes a bigger show of force to control them when they are high, and many will act irrationally when they normally are controlled individuals. These inmates will talk to each other about how easy it is for them to acquire drugs in jail, something we have been working on changing this year.


When we first sat down with the team at Securus Technologies, we didn’t know what to expect. Their new inmate call monitoring system was already up and running in thousands of other jails, we needed to see it in action and decide for ourselves if it could help lessen violent episodes in our facility. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says that his 1,000 employees are committed to helping us and everyone to make the world safer.


Within days of the system running and the LBS software being installed, we were surprised how officers no longer needed to be sitting listening in to inmates use the jail phone. Now the software did all the work, while we focused on pressing issues.


Jeremy Goldstein Provides an Insightful Analysis of Stock Options

Jeremy Goldstein is preceded by his reputation as the go-to expert for legal advice relating to employee benefits. As such, he offers advice to the public concerning various matters, especially about business. Recently, Jeremy Goldstein explained the benefits of knockout options to employers. Here are some of the advantages:


  • According to Jeremy Goldstein, stock options are preferable to better insurance coverage, equities, and additional wages. This is because it is easier for staff members to take up stock options.


  • Options only promote personal earnings when the corporation’s share value increases. As such, this situation encourages individuals to give priority to the company’s success. The staff ends up working harder to attract desirable customers, satisfy existing clients or even develop innovative services.


Problems that cause Companies to Stop Providing Employees with Stock Options


Some companies stop providing these benefits mostly to save money while others are propelled by complex reasons as follows:


  • Stock options cause significant accounting burdens. As such, various relevant costs may cast a shadow on the financial benefits associated with these derivatives.


  • Most employees have become more cautious of these benefits or compensation method. Mainly, this is because economic declines typically render these options worthless. In fact, stock options may resemble casino tokens as opposed to cash for many employees.


  • The value of stock value may decline, which in turn could make it difficult for employees to exercise their available options.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a business law expert, especially on matters of corporate governance. Currently, he serves as one of the partners at the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, which is a law firm devoted to advising CEOs, corporations, management teams, and compensation committee on matters relating to executive compensation and corporate governance. Before the inception of the Jeremy L. Goldstein boutique law firm, Jeremy Goldstein was among the partners of the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz law firm. During his tenure at the firm, he participated actively in its executive compensation practice.


Aside from his experience as a partner at the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, Jeremy Goldstein also previously served as an associate of the Shearman & Sterling LLP. Additionally, his education background is nothing short of impressive. In fact, he has an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts, Art History degree from Cornell University and a Master of Arts, Art History degree from The University of Chicago. Jeremy Goldstein is also a proud holder of a JD from the New York University School of Law.


To learn more, visit

Norman Pattiz – article recap

As a follow up to his plethora of achievements that include writer, producer, director and multiple Emmy award winner, Norman Lear now enhances his list with podcasting.


The 94-year old Lear, creator of classics “All in the Family,” “One Day at a Time,” “The Jeffersons,” and more, will add his voice with a weekly podcast. Actor and composer Paul Hipp and Lear’s friend will take part in the podcasts with him.


Norman Pettiz, PodcastOne founder and executive chairman, said he has a high regard for Lear and has known him for quite some time. He added having Lear join the team is huge.


Podcasting allows people to watch or listen anytime to online audio or video on computers, tablets and smartphones.


A story, at, stated the podcast will start on May 1 and early visitors include Julia Louis-Dreyfus, America Ferrera, Amy Poehler and Jerrod Carmichael.


Lear is quoted as saying he waited more than half his life time to initiate a podcast.


According to Lear, the show will range from comedy to family, current events, politics and more. The free podcast, “All of the Above with Norman Lear,” will introduce new episodes every Monday on, iTunes and the PodcastOne app. Lear has never acted as host to his own talk show until this podcast.


Lear, who had nine shows on the air concurrently, also founded the liberal advocacy group People for the American Way. The World War II veteran acquired an original print of the Declaration of Independence and took it throughout all fifty states for a time period of ten years. In addition, US President Clinton awarded Lear with the National Medal of the Arts.


Pattiz has served as chief executive officer of PodcastOne since its founding in 2013. Its current lineup includes celebrities Dr. Drew, Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, Dennis Miller, Jillian Michaels and more.


With his more than 40 years radio familiarity and know-how, Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One, the largest provider of news, sports, entertainment and more.


Pattiz was appointed by former Presidents Clinton and Bush to function on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.