End Citizens United Continues To Push For Reforms In Campaign Financing

End Citizens United is an entity that operates like a conventional Political Action Committee (PAC). It derived its name from a Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision to allow unions and corporate finance candidates in the elections. The decision was seen to lead to a situation where super PACs would mobilize and spend large sums of money without any regulation. In fact, it would lead to the spending of untraceable funds in America’s elections.

End Citizens United was thus established to counter this decision. It receives of its funding from grassroots donors. In essence, the group opines that the decision will provide an environment where elections can be rigged. It is thus dedicated to providing a platform for collaborative efforts towards pushing reforms in campaign financing. The pressure is highly exerted on lawmakers.

One of the main approaches used by the group is endorsing candidates who align with their mission. They are also involved in passing state ballot measures as well as pushing the issue to the national platform for discussion according to fec.gov. In light of this, the group has identified a group of Republicans who have prioritized their interests rather than the people they represent. According to the group, these individuals now referred to as the “Big Money 20” have accepted large donations or supported legislation that benefitted their donors.

The “Big Money 20” comprises of big names in the US political scene. They include Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Dean Heller of Nevada, and House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin among others.

The group has openly endorsed about ten candidates for Congress. They include Christina Hartman and state Senator Daylin Leach. The President of End Citizens United Tiffany Muller believes that candidates have shown a commitment to advocating and fighting for reforms in campaign financing. Although the group has mostly been seen to support pro-reform Democrats mainly, it has openly said that it would support any Republican who helps their cause. The resolve is also extended to Independent candidates.

Operating under the auspices of a traditional PAC, End Citizen’s United does not take donations that exceed $5,000. Its activities are thus financed by its membership of about 3 million people. It targets to raise $35 million which will fund various initiatives in 2018 including the re-election races. The figure is more from the amount spent in 2016, which totaled $25 million.

The organization which was established in 2015 managed to raise about $2 million in less than six months of its existence. The group uses a variety of ways to disseminate information to its members and the general public. It has a website where interested people can access information as well as contact them for assistance. The page also encourages individuals to use social media to spread their pro-reform mission.

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Dick DeVos: A Man Fighting for the Future of a City, State, and Country

There are traces of Dick DeVos all over the state of Michigan, more so in his beloved Grand Rapids city. Dick and his entire family have donated millions to all sorts of causes meant to help the state and cities. Sure, there may be a lot of people who disagree with Dick’s fundamental beliefs and his political persuasion, but not one person can say that he is not passionate about the well-being of Michigan.


The people of the United States did not know much about this family nor this name until President Trump decided to make Betsy DeVos, Dick’s wife, the Secretary of Education. This move was controversial for a number of reasons. For one, Betsy had no experience in public education. Furthermore, Dick’s wife also seems to be against public education and favors private and religious education instead. A person who does not seem to support public education has now been put in charge of it, which has made several people in the country nervous.


There is no doubt that having a DeVos in charge of education will likely create some change. The combination between Betsy and Dick has been quite powerful in their home state. The two have managed to make charter schools the main source of education in Michigan, and many who love the idea of school choice continue to celebrate that success. Those who worry that the DeVos’ family is attempting to hurt the country should look to their past to see that their intentions are benign, at least in their perspective.


For example, back in 1991, Dick fought tooth and nails against the building of a sports arena in Grand Rapids. Dick lobbied against the arena as he remembers how a similar arena hurt the city of Detroit. This man wanted to bring culture and education to the city with things like a performance hall and a medical school. Some of these goals were achieved, and it made Grand Rapids the official ‘cool city’ in Michigan. It is perhaps one of the most visited cities in the state, and it continues to attract an interesting crowd of people.


One thing that can be said about Dick and Betsy is that they do not let defeat bring them down. Dick lost a state governor run back in 2006, and it was a devastating lost that cost him a lot of money. Still, it is clear that Dick is not scared of losing money as long as he is given the opportunity to create change. No one would say that all his ideas have panned out as he hoped, but he definitely aspires for improvement at all costs. Learn more: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20170602/NEWS/170609993/dick-and-betsy-devos

The Tremendous Support that Betsy DeVos has offered to the Education Sector

Betsy DeVos is a renowned businesswoman and philanthropist in the United States. She has been recognized for her high involvement in the education sector by supporting initiatives that are committed to improving it. DeVos has been secretary of education in the Trump administration since February 2017. Her hometown is Holland, Michigan, and she is the daughter of Edgar Prince who is the owner of Prince Corporation. The company is one of the most successful suppliers of automobile parts. Betsy schooled at Calvin College where she was awarded a B.A degree. She is married to Dick DeVos, who is rich businessman and philanthropist. Check her website for more info at betsydevos.com

Since 1982, Betsy has been actively involved in politics and has been one of the members of the Michigan Republican Party. She was offered an opportunity to act as the area delegate of the party in 1986. In 1992, she was appointed as one of the members of the Michigan’s Republican National Committee and served it for five years. Mrs. DeVos was one of the individuals who was involved in raising money for the re-election campaign of George W. Bush in 2004. Her family is recognized for offering financial support to candidates of the Republican Party. To date, the party has received more than $17 million from them.

Dick and Betsy DeVos have been running a family philanthropic foundation since 1989. The organization is known as DeVos Family Foundation, and it has been offering its support to issues that deal with education, arts, justice, and leadership. The family has contributed more than $139 million to support their charity work and donated $11.6 million in 2015. They are recognized among the most generous individuals in the United States. The DeVos Family Foundation’s activities have been supporting Christian schools, hospitals, Christian missions, medical research, and many other activities. The family makes most of its donations to foundations that are Christian-based.

The philanthropic undertakings of the Betsy DeVos made President Bush to offer her an opportunity to serve as a board member of Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. She was supported by her husband in establishing DeVos Institute of Arts Management, which cost about $22.5 million. The couple also created ArtPrize, which is art competition that has been held in Michigan since 2009. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

Mrs. DeVos believes that the American education system is not perfect, and she has been one of the major supporters of for-profit charter schools. She believes that the sector needs to be modified to offer more opportunities to students. Betsy has been advocating for the use school vouchers that can allow students to use public money in paying for education in private schools. According to her, this move will enable children from low-income families to have a better education.

George Soros Backs Effort to Remove Arpaio

Not known for sitting out a good political fight, billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros dropped $2 million in support of the fight to remove Arizona’s infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Maricopa Strong, a PAC Soros started, filed finance documents that show the investor has committed millions to remove Arpaio from his long-held position in Maricopa County. Joinging him in this effort is Laura and John Arnold, known for their role in Texas energy, and Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, for $500,000 and $250,000 respectively.

For Soros this is another local election he’s decided to weigh in on, continuing a trend that started back in 2015. Soros has backed several groups in cities to remove district attorneys. This began in Harris County, Houston, Texas, where Soros spent $1 million on local elections; $1.5 million went to Jefferson and Gilpin counties in Denver, Colorado to remove incumbents; and again in Maricopa County to remove Republican Bill Montgomery from the local government.

While those other elections may have flown under the radar of national news, the fight for Maricopa County is high profile. Arpaio is known as a conservative darling, despite being at the center of several investigations over his routine use of discriminatory treatment of the local immigrant community, and this gives media on the right an opportunity to cast Soros as a shadowy power player. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Soros has long championed causes of immigrants and human rights abuses. That he would pick this election to get involved in makes sense.

More than $2.9 million has been spent in media ads supporting Democrat Paul Penzone and attacking Arpaio on his failure to take Maricopa County’s issues with sexual assault seriously. Arpaio’s response has been to deflect and attack Soros with a barrage of conspiratorial epithets

In defense of his decision to take on Arpaio and change the criminal justice head in that county, Micheal Vachon, a spokesperson for Soros, claimed that Arpaio has continually violated civil rights in Maricopa County for over 20 years. And that has given Arpaio a platform that he has continually used to spread hateful messaging directed to immigrant communities across the country. By getting involved in this local election, George Soros was given an opportunity to give the values of justice and inclusion a means by which they could compete with Arpaio’s celebrity while also removing hate and intolerance from at least one theater in the realm of politics. Read this story at Politico.com about George Soros.

Arpaio, however, hasn’t been without support of his own. Using his name recognition as well as donors sympathetic to his positions, Arpaio has been able to spend $2.8 million in media ads and appear on national news with enough regularity that it acts as an advertisement of its own.

Combining name recognition and money has made for a winning combination. Arpaio has out-raised and spent Penzone, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into votes.

A grassroots movement to remove Arpaio has brought in backers from Washington, including Rep. Ruben Gallego, a fellow Democrat and founder of a PAC that supported Penzone in his unsuccessful 2012 run. What’s changed since then is Soro’s inclusion, which has taken the effort to remove Arpaio from a couple hundred thousand dollars to millions.

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End Citizens United Donate Over $4 Million to Fight Rigging of the System


In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled against the Citizens United in a case with F.E.C. This decision completely transformed the political landscape of the United States of America. The court proceeded with its strategy to establish a legal basis that humans are corporations and vice versa. This probed billionaires into spending unlimited money in political campaign and elections. The result was no accountability or transparency. In fact, most billionaires like the prominent Koch brothers have been trying to get into politics. The cycle continues with many high profile citizens illegally delving into political power.


End Citizens United was founded on March 1st, 2015. It is a committee for political action supported by grassroots donors. The organization is committed to countering disastrous effects geared towards interfering with the lives of citizens. The committee fixes these issues through reforming the campaign finance system. The aim of End Citizens United is showing the elected officials, voters, and candidates that the grassroots’ commitment is fighting against the billionaires who focus on buying elections. The primary objective of the group is building a strong coalition focused on campaign finance reform. Additionally, the organization pressures policy makers to act against these political offenders.


The mission of End Citizen United is battling big money spenders in politics who rig elections. The organization does this by electing champions for campaign finance reforms. Also, the committee passes state ballot measures. The selected champions strategize on overturning Citizens United by putting a stop to unlimited money spending in politics. End Citizens United is controlled by a belief in the power of money transparency. They practice what they preach. The group’s recent filing with the commission of federal elections was filled on February 20, 2017.End Citizens United implements this mission through the following steps:

  • Electing active reformists
  • Whistleblowing on the issues of political money
  • Deploying grassroots membership for political demonstration

End Citizens Contribution

On 4th April 2017, the news headlines were filled with reports concerning End Citizen’s collection of over $4 million with a projection of raising $35 million before the 2018 congress elections. USA Today provided this report. The amount would be higher than the total amount the group raised in 2016, towards the just completed presidential elections. In that year, approximately 100,000 people made contributions to the PAC. That marked the first quarter of the year. 40,000 people made their first contribution.

According to Tiffany Muller president and executive of PAC, their core objective is to elect champions for campaign finance reforms to Congress. Muller added that the current average contribution of PAC is $12 million. The donors felt like they had been rigged out of the system. According to them, the highest bidder gets power. Donating millions towards the fight was their way of hitting back. Also, the furious Democrats were willing to contribute towards fighting Donald Trump and his government.