Marc Beer has raised $42 Million for Womens Health Startup

Renovia Inc., co-founded by Marc Beer, closed a $32 million Series B round on Tuesday as well as $10 million in venture debt. This will see the company move forward with new innovative products for pelvic floor disorders.



Research has shown that pelvic floor disorders affects over 250 million women across the world. Renovia, Boston-based Medtech Company, has endeavored to develop various diagnostic as well as therapeutic products to treat pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence.



The Longwood Fund invested early in Renovia joined the Series B round. The Series B round was overseen by Perceptive Advisors which is based in New York as well as Ascension Ventures which is based in Missouri. The funding will be used to develop various products including a new generation of the Leva device.



In a statement, Marc Beer, said that they were thrilled to be supported by the group of leaders in healthcare investment who share their vision to give better diagnosis and treatment to millions of women affected by the disorder. He continued to say that the combination of their innovative and proprietary sensor technologies data, form factors and a digital health program will go a long way into giving their customers valuable data to bring forward new treatment options, build on the body of knowledge and promote the understanding of pelvic floor disorders. Consequently, the healthcare costs will be reduced tremendously over a period of time.



Marc Beer has been in the company for the last five years and under his tenure, Renovia has achieved a lot. Moreover, he worked in OvaScience (Nasdaq:OVAS) as a strategic consultant. Recently, the Waltham biotech merged with Millendo Therapeutics, a company based in Michigan.



About Marc Beer



Marc Beer is a renowned executive with over 25 years of experience in development as well as commercialization in the biotechnology, device, pharmaceutical as well as diagnostic industries. Alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, Marc founded Renovia in 2016. Additionally, he successfully closed a Series A funding with leading healthcare venture capital funds.



In 2000, Marc Beer founded ViaCell (NASDAQ:VIAC), a company that specialized in the collection, development as well as preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells. For the seven years he worked at the company, the company grew rapidly to become a robust commercial company. Under Marc Beer’s leadership, the company grew to have over 300 employees. In 2005, it went public and ultimately, it was acquired by PerkinElmer(NYSE:PKI). While he served as ViaCell’s CEO, he sat on the board of directors of Erytech Pharma. Prior to founding ViaCell, Marc held various executive positions in Genzyme. Generally, the BS holder from Miami University (Ohio) has held many other executive positions in different companies and organizations. Learn more :

The Chronicles of the DAMAC Owner: Hussain Sajwani

Every entrepreneur has their story on what led them to begin their business and how they went about being the prominent people they are today. If you are still in the process of writing your story, it is vital that you keep reading the writings of those who began before you, to know what to expect.

Hussain Sajwani is one individual who people who are planning to venture into real estate should read about to get some light on the business. He founded DAMAC Properties in 2002, and it is still the leading company in the field. The success of the business is attributed to the DAMAC Owner who has the eye to see a potential idea and do what it takes to bring the idea to something tangible.

The success of the DAMAC Owner has landed him very significant business partners in his career. The most prominent partner of Hussain Sajwani is Donald Trump. The two are currently working on the Trump’s International Golf to make it a success. Their partnership began before Trump began running for the presidency. Their families are close, and they even spend the New Year’s Eve together. Trump resuming office will not affect their business relationship.

The DAMAC Owner is a compassionate giver and loves to give back to his community. In a recent event held by an organization with the aim of clothing two million children in the world, he urged people to give children a good environment to develop their skills. He also contributed AED two million, which according to statistics will help cloth 50000 of the children.

Hussain Sajwani has had challenges in his business journey like other investors. He admits that at some point he has made bad decisions. Hussain Sajwani is, however, contented with how his success has unveiled. He says that all decisions he has made have played a significant role in making him the individual he is today.


Final Verdict

A wise investor does not wait to make their own mistakes to learn from them. Instead, he/she learns from the mistakes of others and avoids repeating them. This is why it is essential to read and learn from the pioneers in our field.


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Scott Rocklage Reforms in the Healthcare Sector

Scott Rocklage joined the California-based venturecapital firm 5AM Ventures in 2003, and by 2004, he became its Managing Partner. The company, which was started in 2002 by John Diekman and Andrew Scwab, offers early stage investment opportunities to its clients. Rocklage said that the company is called 5AM Ventures because of the fact that 5:00 am represents an early time of the day, and since his firm specializes in early stage investments, he felt that the two things were appropriately related.


Before he joined the 5AM Ventures team, he served as CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals from 1994 to 2003. He has spent more than 30 years in the healthcare management business, and has had a number of peer-reviewed research papers published. He has also been credited with being the inventor of over 30 patents in the U.S. And he is a board member at Whitehead Institute, which is a non-profit organization that’s involved with biomedical research.


Dr. Rocklage graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, receiving a BS degree in Chemistry. Then, he received his PhD in Chemistry from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT. Some of the studies in his chosen field were done under the Nobel Prize winner, Professor Richard R. Schrock.


Over the years, Rocklage has been employed with several healthcare companies, where he was either CEO, Chairman or President. This is what helped gain him the experience to be in a managing position at his current company. At 5AM Ventures, he works with entrepreneurs that include, physicians, scientists and business executives. He assists them with turning their ideas into medical treatments that can meet patients needs.


He credits his good organizational skills and his ability to manage time well as being what makes him successful and effective in his line of work. He says that he’s always pushed himself to keep learning and growing.


When the doctor is not hard at work attending meetings and managing 5AM Ventures, he spends his time with his wife, Patty, in their home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The couple has three adult children. Learn more: