Puerto Rico’s Healthcare Crisis is Being Addressed by Penelope Kokkinides from Innovacare

The small Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is undergoing some dramatic transformations. This small U.S. territory is struggling to maintain its economy and its healthcare system. Hurricane Maria devastated the already worn-down economy of Puerto Rico. Before the hurricane hit, the nation was already suffering economically. After the hurricane took place, Puerto Rico is struggling to maintain itself as an independent territory.


The healthcare system inside of Puerto Rico is dismal. Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the infrastructure on the island including hospitals and medical centers. Many of these healthcare structures were never reopened. More than half of the people who worked within these facilities never came back to their jobs. The island’s healthcare system has been eroded and millions of Puerto Rican people are suffering as a result.


Innovacare is a healthcare provider in Puerto Rico. This company provides medical coverage in the form of Medicaid and Medicare and they also provide healthcare services to people in need. Innovacare was founded by Rick Shinto and is operated by his CAO Penelope Kokkinides. Mrs. Kokkinides is a highly competent healthcare expert who understands how to set up and implement healthcare systems for nations.


She has worked in this field for well over 20 years. She also has a vast amount of experience with establishing healthcare infrastructure and plans that will provide adequate care to people who need it the most. In April of 2018, an all-female panel of 8 people met with President Trump to discuss the current healthcare crisis. Kokkinides told the president that the only real way to get Puerto Rico’s healthcare system back in order is by reversing the cuts that was made to the system back in 2011.


Without more government funding the healthcare situation in Puerto Rico doesn’t stand a real chance at recovery. The bottom line is that the economy is too weak to sustain itself. The government is not effective at collecting taxes, businesses cannot hire many workers and most workers are not making a livable wage. All of these factors work against the Puerto Rico economy and its healthcare system suffers during the process. Kokkinides is glad that she is able to do her part with improving the healthcare system inside of Puerto Rico and that the territory’s future looks hopeful.