Fortress Investment is a leader in the investment world

Fortress Investment Group, an organization that is renowned globally for providing excellent services and valuing its customers. It has its main offices at New York City, but since it has been expanding, it has also established other offices around the globe. They have established these offices because they want as many customers as possible to access their quality services. Since it started in 1998, it has been offering the best investment management services. Their investment plans are strategic, and they are designed to provide the best solutions when it comes to issues related to investment. Fortress Investment Group has stood out as the best in credit fund management, hedge funds, private equity management and management of assets. The founders of Fortress Group are some of the best financial executives in the industry, and they have since joined the list of most successful billionaires by Forbes. Visit

Rob Kauffman, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone have since become billionaires because of the success of Fortress Group. The reason why they have led the company in the right direction is that they are experienced in the industry. They have worked in the sector for many years, and they understand investment marketing. When the three financial gurus met, they wanted to start a company that would specialize in offering excellent investment plans to their customers. They came with the approach of an alternative asset since they wanted to offer and manage private equity efficiently. The organization has also been the best when it comes to handling mergers and acquisition. When Fortress Group started in 1998, it was a private equity company. The firm is mainly focused on capital vehicle, private equity and credit. Fortress Investment Group has been growing and today it one of the leading investment management companies.

The success of Fortress Group is attributed to the firm leadership. The top financial executives are experienced in leadership, and they have been offering their guidance at Fortress Group. They understand how to run a large organization because before starting a company they had been top leaders at various companies. That is why they are the best when it comes to leadership at Fortress Investment Group. Read more on


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