Freedom Checks: The Real Deal

These days scams are a dime a dozen. While the internet opened up new horizons and allowed us to communicate with family and friends around the globe, it also proved to be a haven for scammers and fraudsters. Typically these scams involve get rich quick schemes and something that is too good to be true. That is why there are so many legitimate questions about freedom checks and whether or not they are a legitimate investment product.

Many of these investments are in the MLM, options trading, cryptocurrency or other financial worlds. They say a fool and his money are soon parted, and getting involved with any of the multitude of scams out there will quickly deplete your bank account. Seeing how scary the world is, many people end up shying away from legitimate opportunities like Freedom Checks. Saying no to this once in a lifetime opportunity would be a massive mistake.

Freedom Checks are NOT a scam

There are many companies in the investment world that send freedom checks to their investors every year. These companies are organized as MLPs or Master Limited Partnerships. These companies are required by law to be somehow involved in the oil/gas/petroleum industries. The MLP designation was created in 1987 by Congress in order to help distribute the wealth from proceeds of natural resource revenues to investors.

There are two primary requirements for companies that get involved in the distribution of freedom checks. The first is that they must be involved in selling, producing, or distributing gas and oil related products in the US. The second requirement is that any company that declares itself an MLP must disburse 90 percent or more of their revenue directly to investors every year.

These checks can be purchased directly through your standard brokerage account and the dividends paid from these financial vehicles are sent directly to the linked brokerage account. While the petroleum sector sees ups and downs, investing in oil and gas related industries has proven to be successful for many investors over the past 100 years and demand for manufacturing and transportation will continue that reliance.

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