Sheldon Laving Leads the Expansion Project of OSI Group

OSI group is one of the oldest companies in the food production and processing industry. The company was launched more than a hundred years ago. I was established in the year 1909. The founder of the company Otto Kolschowsky was an immigrant from the State of Germany whose intention at the time was simply to develop a business that would help him sustain his needs and those of his family. So he launched a simple butcher shop. A few years into the business, he decided to expand into the wholesale business. This meant that he would have to move the company location form Oak Park, Illinois where it was originally situated to Maywood. This was the beginning of Otto and Sons as a wholesale meat business. Visit

It did not take long for the business to gain local recognition for its tremendous services and the quality of their products. In the year 1955, one and a half a decade after the McDonald’s restaurant business had been developed, Otto and Sons were commissioned by the restaurant franchise to be the supplier for their Illinois branch. This was at the time when the company was beginning to embrace the cryogenic food processing technique and was able to increase their quantity of processing. In the year 1971, Sheldon Lavin, a shrewd entrepreneur who was operating a firm at the time invested in the business and since then it has been an uphill climb for the company.

Sheldon Lavin’s leadership at OSI Group

It was until the year 1975 that Otto and Sons were renamed to the OSI Group after Sheldon Lavin had taken over the company as the largest shareholder and consequently, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the board of the company. Since then he has made it his mission to make sure expansion is a culture in the company. In the 1990s after a successful local expansion project that led the company to open several branches in different parts of the company, the company began expanding internationally. The first international project was OSI Philippines, then China, followed by India and now over 65 other countries. The company has grown to become the leading privately owned firm in America under Sheldon Lavin. Read more on


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