Adam Milstein: BDS Movement the greatest threat to Israel

The State of Israel has enjoyed great leaders. These are leaders who have stood strong and helped the Jewish community at the most opportune moment. Some leaders stood with the community when enemies had ganged up ready to eliminate the community. It is through great leadership that the community is still an independent nation surrounded by enemies in the Middle East. According to Adam Milstein, a Jewish activist based in the United States, the challenge that faces the Jews are far from over. The biggest threat to Israel right now is the BDS Movement. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement is intended to reduce Israel economically as well as breaking the link between Jews in Israel and those in the diaspora.

Adam Milstein says that the BDS Movement has a very thin line separating it from anti-Semitism. Everything about this movement reads and smells of anti-Semitism campaign promoted under the guise of a rights movement. In recent years, the movement has been gaining popularity in the west, a factor that makes Adam Milstein consider it as one of the greatest challenges facing the community. To defeat the anti-Semitism agenda, there is a lot that needs to be done. The strength of the community is one of the ways that can help the community stand against the challenges caused by the BDS.

Adam Milstein thinks that the Jewish community needs to have great leaders all the way from the diaspora. As an activist based in the diaspora, he is trying as much as possible to bring changes that can positively impact the strength of the community. It is under his leadership as a Jewish activist that a lot of sensitization about the plight of the community has been outlined. He has shown that the war against anti-Semitism is still ongoing and the community should stay put and look for ways to solve this challenge. Adam Milstein believes the solution lies in the unity of all Jews.

As a way of ensuring that the future of the community is intact for a long time, he is encouraging education of the young people about their true identity as Jews. They should be in a position to rise and defend the community in the future.

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