Classdojo Partners With Ad Astra to Develop Yet another Learning Tool

Classdojo Partners With Ad Astra to Develop Yet another Learning Tool

In the year 2011, two innovators by the names, Sam Chaudhry and Liam Don developed an app called ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a communication platform that was created with the intention of enhancing the communication between parents, teachers, and students. As sad as it is, as the years go by, parents have become lesser involved in their students’ academic affairs than normal. However, you cannot take their attention off the screens of their gadgets whether it is for work purposes or not. With this in mind, Sam and Liam came up with a way to exploit the overuse of computer and mobile devices and use it to enhance communication between parents, teachers and their students.

When the app was officially launched 7 years ago, its reception was overwhelming. Within no time, more than thirty-five million teachers and students from more than thirty different nationalities were using the app. This motivated the founders to make sure they make it available in a variety of languages in order to attract more users who are not from English speaking nations. This was done two years into the launch. A couple of other modifications have been made to make the app more efficient for instance; the introduction of the messaging feature and the digital content streaming feature that is called Class Story. Initially, the app was designed to allow the transfer of digital images and videos.

ClassDojo form a partnership with AD Astra

Ad Astra is a private school situated in Los Angeles. The school was founded by Elon Musk. Elon Musk has made it his agenda to make sure the school stands out from other schools. The school recently partnered with ClassDojo, which has become a brand for educational software developers to come up with a new learning tool that they named the Conundrum. The conundrum is a set of puzzles that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills to find solutions to. The conundrums work in a way that they pose open-ended ethical questions that require critical thinking. The students, under the guidance of their teachers, are asked to collaborate with each other in order to determine the solutions.

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