Seattle Genetics Founder, Clay Siegall Is Interviewed By Ideamensch

The first question given to Seattle Genetics founder, Clay Siegall was where did he the idea to start up a biotech firm from? Mr. Siegall responded by saying that he was deeply affected by his father’s diagnosis with cancer. He said watching his deterioration when he was in his late teens and early twenties had a profound impact on him. Clay Siegall said he made it his life goal to come up with better treatments for cancer after his father fell victim to the disease.

After studying Genetics and zoology, Dr. Clay Siegall said he felt he had enough knowledge and background to begin working on cancer research. He began his cancer research at the Bristol-Myers Squibb company where he worked at their Pharmaceutical Research Institute. This was based in Seattle and it gave him the opportunity to study how a company was run.

Eventually Dr. Clay Siegall said he felt confident enough to launch his own firm that would also be based in the Seattle metro area. He called it Seattle Genetics because of its location and its unique targeted approach that would perhaps one day utilize the genetics of each patients to come up with a unique cure in what is known as a targeted approach to cancer therapy. His drive in life, says Siegall is to come up with drugs that can treat cancer. He says he wakes up everyday with a fire in his belly to help develop cancer killing drugs that are targeted specifically at cancer cells. Clay says he enjoys what he does and that he been doing the same thing for over 30 years now.

The next question given to Clay Siegall was what is one thing he does as a businessman over and over and he suggests other people emulate. Dr. Siegall says that is important to surround yourself with smart people who can provide you with valuable insight. He also stresses that is important to not think you know everything. Siegall says that the older you get, the more you realize that you know less and less. Being open and surrounded by smart and knowledgeable people can help anybody achieve success says Clay Siegall.

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