End Citizens United Continues To Push For Reforms In Campaign Financing

End Citizens United is an entity that operates like a conventional Political Action Committee (PAC). It derived its name from a Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision to allow unions and corporate finance candidates in the elections. The decision was seen to lead to a situation where super PACs would mobilize and spend large sums of money without any regulation. In fact, it would lead to the spending of untraceable funds in America’s elections.

End Citizens United was thus established to counter this decision. It receives of its funding from grassroots donors. In essence, the group opines that the decision will provide an environment where elections can be rigged. It is thus dedicated to providing a platform for collaborative efforts towards pushing reforms in campaign financing. The pressure is highly exerted on lawmakers.

One of the main approaches used by the group is endorsing candidates who align with their mission. They are also involved in passing state ballot measures as well as pushing the issue to the national platform for discussion according to fec.gov. In light of this, the group has identified a group of Republicans who have prioritized their interests rather than the people they represent. According to the group, these individuals now referred to as the “Big Money 20” have accepted large donations or supported legislation that benefitted their donors.

The “Big Money 20” comprises of big names in the US political scene. They include Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Dean Heller of Nevada, and House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin among others.

The group has openly endorsed about ten candidates for Congress. They include Christina Hartman and state Senator Daylin Leach. The President of End Citizens United Tiffany Muller believes that candidates have shown a commitment to advocating and fighting for reforms in campaign financing. Although the group has mostly been seen to support pro-reform Democrats mainly, it has openly said that it would support any Republican who helps their cause. The resolve is also extended to Independent candidates.

Operating under the auspices of a traditional PAC, End Citizen’s United does not take donations that exceed $5,000. Its activities are thus financed by its membership of about 3 million people. It targets to raise $35 million which will fund various initiatives in 2018 including the re-election races. The figure is more from the amount spent in 2016, which totaled $25 million.

The organization which was established in 2015 managed to raise about $2 million in less than six months of its existence. The group uses a variety of ways to disseminate information to its members and the general public. It has a website where interested people can access information as well as contact them for assistance. The page also encourages individuals to use social media to spread their pro-reform mission.

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