Kate Hudson’s Involvement in Fabletics

Founded in 2013 Fabletics is an athleisure brand that’s aimed at inclusivity and empowerment. It was founded by Don Ressler and Aden Goldenberg. In the beginning, these two saw a need in the market for an athleisure brand that would beat the rest of the market regarding style, price, and quality. This name needed a face to go with, and they couldn’t think of anyone else apart from Kate Hudson. Kate was the best because she never carried herself too seriously, is approachable and leads a very active lifestyle.

She has since then been very involved in all aspects of the business be it budget reviews, strategizing on social media and continues to work closely with the design team and the rest of the team to ensure that styles stay fresh. She looks at the sales each week and knows precisely which designs are selling and the ones who aren’t. Many celebrities and the company president have also gone further and endorsed Kate for the brand. Greg Thorgmartin can be quoted saying that Kate does not do anything that she doesn’t believe in.

Despite having faced a lot of challenges at the beginning like having to trash a whole first production due to poor quality, Fabletics have risen on their feet and are now doing better than any other athleisure producers. They have been recording a growth in numbers for the past 18 months. Many factors have contributed to this among them good communication through an upgraded customer service and implementation of a new data entry system to ensure proper inventory levels. Since then they have recorded a huge growth in number both sale and customers with a projection of 250 million dollars in sales and 1.2 million paying customers as at June 2017.

Fabletics partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group has also aided immensely in its growth. TechStyles Fashion Group also happens to be its mother company, and due to this, they are more advantaged with resources, funding, expertise, and personnel. Its success has also been contributed to by their data approach to business. Customers views in all social media platforms are put into much consideration, and this much helps them in knowing the number of customers interested in a specific product, and this enables them to serve their customers well by matching one’s description with the outcome of choice. Their data system also allows them to do so within a short period thus meeting the deadline.

According to the Huffington, today’s’ buying is profoundly influenced by the power of the crowd. Customers put a lot of consideration on what the public has to say about a particular product and more so a famous person. It is due to this factor that Fable has been partnering with celebrities like Demi Lovato and the like to ooze more customers.

Kate Hudson when asked about her take in all these she says that she wouldn’t quit acting for that is where her heart is, but she is also delighted to be a part of the great business and her extensive involvement in business.