Fortress Investment Group – Customer-Centric Investment Company Growing Exponentially

Fortress Investment Group is a name that is well known for their unique investment strategies that have helped their clients grow. The company is in the business of raising, investing and managing assets for their clients from varied industries, including real estate, private equity, the range of credit, capital investments and many more. The company has many private investors as their clients, but that it is not all. The company also works with many institution clients as well who depend on them for their financial expertise. The company has its main office in New York but has clients from different parts of the world. To make it easier to serve them, the company also has offices in major cities in different countries.

Fortress Investment Group also helps its institution clients by supporting them for organizing global events. Recently, they were responsible for arranging the 2010 Winter Olympics Games held in Vancouver in Canada. The company was responsible for building the entire Athlete’s Village in the downtown of Vancouver. They were also in control of the main skiing area for the Olympic Games known as the Whistler Blackcomb. The entire event was a $1 billion project and Fortress Investment Group played an important part in it by being a major creditor. The company also opens the doors to their British Columbia Ski Resort that they owned for the Winter Olympics Alpine events. The main reason why the company has been able to be successful is because of their competencies and their expertise that they have achieved by existing in the country for so long. The head of the company hires only the best and the most experienced employees to work for them allowing them to offer the best services to their clients. All of their employees are well taken care of allowing them to give their best to the company. The company currently has more than 1,000 employees working in different offices located in different countries. To know more about the company click here.

Fortress Investment Group also has a good presence online that allows them to answer any questions that their present and potential clients might have about their services. The company uses their social media pages, not just to market their investment products and services but also to interact with their clients and to know what their expectations are regarding their services. The clients who work with the company know how difficult it is to find a reliable investment company and considers themselves lucky to be working with Fortress Investment Group.

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Nick Vertucci Discusses The Exciting Trend of Entrepreneurship

Nick Vertucci is excited about this time. One major reason that he is excited about this time is that there are tons of new entrepreneurs coming forward. There are many reasons that he is excited about the return of the entrepreneur. One thing that he has noted is that a lot of people have settled into a herd mentality. However, more people are learning that there is something more than being part of the herd. There are tons of possibilities out there for people that are eager to look. Nick Vertucci has seen this for himself, and he likes that more people are taking the risk.

One of the issues with today’s society is that so many people want to play it safe. They are so attached to this idea of playing everything safe that they sometimes seek out someone who is trying something different with the sole purpose of stopping that person. While these types of people do have a lot of respect and admiration for the successful entrepreneur, they seem to feel it is their duty to prevent an aspiring entrepreneur from joining the ranks. Among the tactics that are used are bullying, intimidation, and manipulation.

One thing Nick Vertucci has to say is that the country he lives in is still the greatest country when it comes to opportunity. However, one thing that made the country so great is that so many people had a passion. They took it upon themselves to start their own business or develop their own income stream. One of the ways they did it is by taking tons of risks. These days, it is all about being safe and following the herd. Nick Vertucci is very excited to see people breaking free of that mentality. He is able to make a life for himself and encourage others to break free of the herd.

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Marc Beer has raised $42 Million for Womens Health Startup

Renovia Inc., co-founded by Marc Beer, closed a $32 million Series B round on Tuesday as well as $10 million in venture debt. This will see the company move forward with new innovative products for pelvic floor disorders.



Research has shown that pelvic floor disorders affects over 250 million women across the world. Renovia, Boston-based Medtech Company, has endeavored to develop various diagnostic as well as therapeutic products to treat pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence.



The Longwood Fund invested early in Renovia joined the Series B round. The Series B round was overseen by Perceptive Advisors which is based in New York as well as Ascension Ventures which is based in Missouri. The funding will be used to develop various products including a new generation of the Leva device.



In a statement, Marc Beer, said that they were thrilled to be supported by the group of leaders in healthcare investment who share their vision to give better diagnosis and treatment to millions of women affected by the disorder. He continued to say that the combination of their innovative and proprietary sensor technologies data, form factors and a digital health program will go a long way into giving their customers valuable data to bring forward new treatment options, build on the body of knowledge and promote the understanding of pelvic floor disorders. Consequently, the healthcare costs will be reduced tremendously over a period of time.



Marc Beer has been in the company for the last five years and under his tenure, Renovia has achieved a lot. Moreover, he worked in OvaScience (Nasdaq:OVAS) as a strategic consultant. Recently, the Waltham biotech merged with Millendo Therapeutics, a company based in Michigan.



About Marc Beer



Marc Beer is a renowned executive with over 25 years of experience in development as well as commercialization in the biotechnology, device, pharmaceutical as well as diagnostic industries. Alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, Marc founded Renovia in 2016. Additionally, he successfully closed a Series A funding with leading healthcare venture capital funds.



In 2000, Marc Beer founded ViaCell (NASDAQ:VIAC), a company that specialized in the collection, development as well as preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells. For the seven years he worked at the company, the company grew rapidly to become a robust commercial company. Under Marc Beer’s leadership, the company grew to have over 300 employees. In 2005, it went public and ultimately, it was acquired by PerkinElmer(NYSE:PKI). While he served as ViaCell’s CEO, he sat on the board of directors of Erytech Pharma. Prior to founding ViaCell, Marc held various executive positions in Genzyme. Generally, the BS holder from Miami University (Ohio) has held many other executive positions in different companies and organizations. Learn more :

Thirty years of David McDonald in OSI Group

With an Animal Science degree from the University of the State of Iowa, and an Outstanding Senior Award from Wallace E. Barron, David McDonald has become a force to be reckoned with in the food industry. David McDonald grew up on a farm in the State of Iowa, a lifestyle that prompted him to pursue Animal Science and agricultural entrepreneurship. From a mere farm boy, David is currently the President and Chief Operations Officer of OSI Group.

David Mc Donald and the OSI Group

OSI Group was founded in 1909 by a German immigrant under the name Otto and Sons. The company began as a mere neighborhood butcher shop but has since expanded to a trader for wholesale meat, supplier and processor of meat products as well as a provider of services like branding and several other food services. The company is currently the leading corporation in the food industry in the entire globe with branches in several countries around the globe. OSI deals in vegetable, beef, pork, wheat products as well as raw and processed poultry products.

David McDonald joined the OSI Group immediately after graduating from the University in 1987. His first role in the company was as a project manager. Over the three decades that he has been in the company, he has risen in rank to the position of president and COO. David McDonald has led OSI Group in its growth and globalization. It is under his leadership that the company has expanded its operations globally. He has led OSI through the acquisition of several other organizations like the Tyson Food Company and the European Flagship food company among several others in pursuit of growth, sustainability and expansion. When the acquisition of the Baho food company by OSI was completed, David commented that this was a step towards intensifying the company’s presence in the local market and not only the international market. True to his words, OSI has not only grown globally but continues to thrive locally as well.

Beyond OSI Group

Apart from his role in OSI, David McDonald also serves as the Chairperson of the North American Meat Institute, an independent director of the Marfrig Global S.A, and director at the Australian OSI branch.

David is also an active humanitarian. He finances the Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship fund of the Iowa State University. He also played a role in the establishment of the ISU internship programme and the University’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative as well.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Advocates for More Access to Primary Care

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has worked as a prominent emergency room physician and has spoken openly about the toll that limited access to primary care is taking on the resources of hospital emergency rooms across the U.S. He is shedding light on an important trend in the health care industry of patients who do not have adequate access to primary care options or medical insurance coverage seeing emergency rooms as the only viable option for receiving medical care. This means that uninsured patients are visiting emergency rooms even when they are not suffering from a true medical emergency. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel hit the nail on the head by explaining that emergency room staff never turn patients away, but they are being hit with an overwhelming challenge of serving an increasing number of patients without a commensurate increase in resources.

Recent data shows that more than one-third of the patients who visit the emergency room do not actually require immediate medical attention. Rather than brushing this trend off as an indication that patients are over-exaggerating their injuries, a closer look at the data reveals that patients on Medicaid are most likely to fall into the category of frequent fliers at emergency rooms across the country. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel notes that many primary care providers in certain areas do not accept patients on Medicaid, which leaves those patients with few places to turn in times of injury. Another reason why emergency rooms have become the popular choice for those on Medicaid is because they are likely not subjected to a co-pay for any specialty services they might receive while there. Medical bills are one of the primary reasons that many Americans file for bankruptcy.

One of the ways that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel sees the system reaching a more balanced dynamic is by increasing the number of non-urgent care facilities available in all communities. This includes facilities that are open outside of normal business hours when a primary care physician might be unavailable to see patients. Insurance providers will have to accommodate these types of facilities in making co-payments affordable for their insured in order for this model to be effective. Alternatively, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel suggests that primary care physicians should consider providing more evening hours for patients so that they can receive the medical attention they need in a timely manner. Otherwise, patients will feel that the only way they can get responsive care is by being admitted to an emergency room. The same is true for weekend schedules at primary care facilities. This trend has taken hold for some pediatric facilities, but many adult patients are still left without options on how to receive non-urgent medical care outside of regular business hours.

Seattle Genetics Founder, Clay Siegall Is Interviewed By Ideamensch

The first question given to Seattle Genetics founder, Clay Siegall was where did he the idea to start up a biotech firm from? Mr. Siegall responded by saying that he was deeply affected by his father’s diagnosis with cancer. He said watching his deterioration when he was in his late teens and early twenties had a profound impact on him. Clay Siegall said he made it his life goal to come up with better treatments for cancer after his father fell victim to the disease.

After studying Genetics and zoology, Dr. Clay Siegall said he felt he had enough knowledge and background to begin working on cancer research. He began his cancer research at the Bristol-Myers Squibb company where he worked at their Pharmaceutical Research Institute. This was based in Seattle and it gave him the opportunity to study how a company was run.

Eventually Dr. Clay Siegall said he felt confident enough to launch his own firm that would also be based in the Seattle metro area. He called it Seattle Genetics because of its location and its unique targeted approach that would perhaps one day utilize the genetics of each patients to come up with a unique cure in what is known as a targeted approach to cancer therapy. His drive in life, says Siegall is to come up with drugs that can treat cancer. He says he wakes up everyday with a fire in his belly to help develop cancer killing drugs that are targeted specifically at cancer cells. Clay says he enjoys what he does and that he been doing the same thing for over 30 years now.

The next question given to Clay Siegall was what is one thing he does as a businessman over and over and he suggests other people emulate. Dr. Siegall says that is important to surround yourself with smart people who can provide you with valuable insight. He also stresses that is important to not think you know everything. Siegall says that the older you get, the more you realize that you know less and less. Being open and surrounded by smart and knowledgeable people can help anybody achieve success says Clay Siegall.

Nevo Is The Energy Drink For A New Generation

The reality of being tired in the modern world is something that is simply a fact of life for most people. You know that you are sleepy and worn out all the time, but for the most part you would probably like to put these feelings behind you. It is now possible if you try out the new energy drink available from Jeunesse Global.


Jeunesse Global is a worldwide leader in some of the best health and beauty products that you won’t see on a typical store shelf. Instead, they work hard to make their products so unforgettable that you will not be able to resist trying them out and purchasing them time and time again from one of their sales representatives. They work with a whole network of them, and you may well know one of them even if you do not realize that this is what they do.


The product worth looking at today is the Nevo energy drink. It is an adventure into the energy drink market by a company that has always thought about health and beauty first and foremost. They know that there are some people out there who want to drink energy drinks but abstain from doing so because of the extra additives and such that are included in such drinks. They may still want the energy boost, but they would rather avoid all of those extras that can come with that.


Rather than subjecting them to more of the same, Jeunesse Global has produced the Nevo energy drink for those who want a little boost without added flavors, sweeteners, or artificial colors. Even better than all of that is the fact that each can contains just fifty calories. You can literally enjoy your drink without having to feel that you have busted the bank on your calories at the same time. That is a combination that a lot of people very much appreciate when it comes to their energy drinks.


You can speak with a representative who works for Jeunesse Global as an independent contractor to get your Nevo today, or you may visit their website to place an order.

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert Inspiring Story

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a conglomerate business with multi-billion businesses under its umbrella. The story of Louis Chenevert is inspiring to many young people who would be looking to make it in business. He came from a humble background and worked his way up until he became a top corporate executive. He holds a degree in production management from Montreal University. As a production socialist, his role is to ensure that businesses met the production needs. The production department plays a crucial role in any business since it is the one which determines how the rest will perform. If it is running well, then the company will run smoothly. His work is to oversee the efficient production of high-quality products at the right prices and capacity.

Louis Chenevert started his career in the auto industry. General Motors employed him as a production line manager. It is here that he developed skills in managing high capacity production line. The company was producing a vehicle in every one-minute meaning that it required a high level of efficiency not to err. Everything must be running smoothly such that no mistake occurs. He worked at GM for 14 years.

After working in the auto industry, he decided to switch to the aerospace industry. He joined Pratt & Whitney Canada which was manufacturing small jet engines. After serving for some time, production went up significantly while at the same time the cost of production reduced by 20%. He caught the attention of the executives at Pratt & Whitney USA. They saw the work he had done at the Canadian subsidiary and decided to bring him to the USA where he would be in charge of production of large jet engines.

Louis Chenevert repeated his good performance at Pratt & Whitney. He impressed the management of UTC since his business was the only one making huge profits. It assisted in offsetting the losses which some of the businesses under the conglomerate were making. After an impressive run at Pratt & Whitney where he initiated the development of the geared turbofan engine, he was appointed the CEO of UTC in 2008.

Puerto Rico’s Healthcare Crisis is Being Addressed by Penelope Kokkinides from Innovacare

The small Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is undergoing some dramatic transformations. This small U.S. territory is struggling to maintain its economy and its healthcare system. Hurricane Maria devastated the already worn-down economy of Puerto Rico. Before the hurricane hit, the nation was already suffering economically. After the hurricane took place, Puerto Rico is struggling to maintain itself as an independent territory.


The healthcare system inside of Puerto Rico is dismal. Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the infrastructure on the island including hospitals and medical centers. Many of these healthcare structures were never reopened. More than half of the people who worked within these facilities never came back to their jobs. The island’s healthcare system has been eroded and millions of Puerto Rican people are suffering as a result.


Innovacare is a healthcare provider in Puerto Rico. This company provides medical coverage in the form of Medicaid and Medicare and they also provide healthcare services to people in need. Innovacare was founded by Rick Shinto and is operated by his CAO Penelope Kokkinides. Mrs. Kokkinides is a highly competent healthcare expert who understands how to set up and implement healthcare systems for nations.


She has worked in this field for well over 20 years. She also has a vast amount of experience with establishing healthcare infrastructure and plans that will provide adequate care to people who need it the most. In April of 2018, an all-female panel of 8 people met with President Trump to discuss the current healthcare crisis. Kokkinides told the president that the only real way to get Puerto Rico’s healthcare system back in order is by reversing the cuts that was made to the system back in 2011.


Without more government funding the healthcare situation in Puerto Rico doesn’t stand a real chance at recovery. The bottom line is that the economy is too weak to sustain itself. The government is not effective at collecting taxes, businesses cannot hire many workers and most workers are not making a livable wage. All of these factors work against the Puerto Rico economy and its healthcare system suffers during the process. Kokkinides is glad that she is able to do her part with improving the healthcare system inside of Puerto Rico and that the territory’s future looks hopeful.


Sussex Healthcare Continues To Lead The Way In Patient Care In The Sussex Region And Is Looking For Motivated And Caring Individuals To Join Its Team

Sussex Healthcare is a leading healthcare organization that operates a number of care facilities as well as providing patient support in the greater Sussex, England region. The organization was founded in 1985 by Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. The company has an outstanding reputation for the quality of care that is provided in its homes and has won numerous awards in recognition of this fact.

Since 2002 the organization has held accreditation from the Health Quality Service. 2003 saw Sussex Healthcare receive accreditation from the Investors in People Standard. Sussex Healthcare specializes in providing care for elderly patients as well as those who suffer from developmental and mental health issues ranging from traumatic brain injury to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Sussex Healthcare is also renowned for the high quality of its dedicated team of staff members.

Sussex Healthcare recently announced that Amanda Morgan-Taylor will be taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer for the company. She brings a wealth of experience to the team at Sussex Healthcare and has spent thirty years working in the field of public health. She has previously worked as a nurse in the mental health field and also has a wealth of experience working with county councils as well as healthcare providers. Bringing in an individual of Amanda Morgan-Taylor’s quality demonstrates once again the total commitment that Sussex Healthcare has to maintaining the highest quality standards as reflected through the outstanding management and staff that work for the patient care organization.


Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is truly committed to the concept that a health and patient care provider is only as good as its team of staff members. The company has built its success by heavily investing in its staff members and bringing in individuals who have the drive to succeed and a true love for helping others. The company offers training for entry-level employees and provides an outstanding benefits package that includes paid breaks, great opportunity for advancement, pensions and various training courses through the company’s training academy.

Currently, Sussex Healthcare is hiring motivated and caring individuals for positions ranging from registered nurse, deputy care manager, chef kitchen assistant, accounts assistant, domestic assistant, activity assistant, driver and senior care assistant. These positions are available at various Sussex Healthcare locations. Interested individuals can inquire further about these positions by checking out the jobs section at Sussex Healthcare’s home on the world wide web.